French fancies @ Les Deux Salons

When I often think of French food, frog legs and snails come to mind- yuk! But with my job I have to be open minded, and get stuck in.

I met my good pal Holly for some afternoon schmoozing at the classy joint, Les Deux Salons. They had just had a chic Parisian makeover so quite looking forward to relaxing on my lunch break. I perched at the bar with this refreshing elderflower and prosecco delight.

Elderflower Champagne cocktail

Radishes and yoghurt to nibble on.

Raddishes with creme fresh

We were off to a good start, with our personal sommelier (wine pro, to the normal folk) recommending a new wine for each course I was excited- and rather drunk!

Charcuterie board terrine, rillettes, pâtés, saucisson


To start we got this gorge charcuterie board; terrine, rillettes, ham hock, pâté & saucisson and fresh bread– delicious. The French know how to stretch out a meal. The pate was my personal fave, super creamy and light. Also the prosciutto was very good, paper thin and extra smoky.

Fresh and smoked salmon rillettes

I also had a super fresh potted crab and we shared some asparagus with a hollandaise foam– wowzer. A foam!

Next mains. There was a lot of fish on the menu and luckily no snails. I went for the special of the day, tender pieces of lamb belly– I’d heard of pork belly, but not lamb, so this was all new. Great wheels of meaty, none fatty lamb with mint and butter bean bed.

Lamb Belly & tenderstem broccoli

Holly went for the DIY de-shelling prawns. Too much faff for me, but they were swimming in a garlic and chilli marinade which looked and smelt pretty special.

Tiger prawns, chilli and garlic

Hurrah desserts. Why choose one when you can get a whole board full? These looked like they had flew straight out of a patisserie. YUM! Naturally we had a dessert wine with each mouthful. I think this is what heaven must be like.

Café gourmand with dessert wines

To finish, we had the recommended sorbet to cleanse the palette.

Strawberry & Passion fruit sorbet

We had a great afternoon at Les Deux Salons and I’d def return. The food and service was faultless.

Its located just off Trafalgar Sq, so a perfect pre-theatre dinner spot. Lovely bright open windows in the front would be lush for coffee and a cake. They also have a fab breakfast menu, I just wish I could be up earlier!

Never the less, a Parisian life’s for me!

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