Perfecting my Peruvian palate @ Ceviche Old St

So I’ve never heard of a Peruvian restaurant, never mind eaten in one (I’m not going to lie I had to Google what kind of food they actually specialise in, and the origin! =Peru. *facepalm*) So Peruvians do lots of tapas style dishes, raw fish and griddled meat- sounded good so on Holly & Rose’s recommendation, we headed over to Old St.
Chilled Restaurant
Sauvignon (1st Bottle :D)
The menu looked pretty whacky, lots of things I hadn’t heard of, and random selections you wouldn’t imagine being on one plate. So, we got stuck in. They recommend 3 dishes to share, however this was prob a bit much, but we do love our grub and I wanted to try EVERYTHING! You can’t be picky here, I really didn’t know what to expect. White wine ordered, bring on  the tapas.
Tiradito Chifa- Thinly sliced tuna, pickled daikon, chifa tiger’s milk, limo chilli, roquito pepper, crispy vermicelli
The selection included, cold tuna- really good. Octopus, with a vivid purple sauce- looked crazy, tasted amazing. It was layered on avo and like a spongy potato which was a bit odd tasting. 

El Pulpo Tiene La Causa- Octopus, Botija olive sauce, avocado, lime and chilli marinated potato mash, coriander
We had to try the lamb brain fritters- tasted like squid but anything deep fried is yummy, with a tomatoey sauce, better than expected. Highlight was the quinoa scotch egg with sausage.
Huevo Criollo- Burford Brown egg, quinoa, sangrecita sausage, rocoto sauce

Torreja de Sesos-  Lamb’s brain fritters, tomato and rocoto chilli jam

Also, raw salmon with pickles- nice and refreshing, very sour. A quinoa side dish with a salsa topping- good addition.
Shinki- Scottish salmon, goldenberries, wasabi tiger’s milk, pickled radish, white onion, coriander
Ensalada Sierra- Pearl quinoa, Hass avocado, tomato, goldenberry coulis, limo chilli vinaigrette, broad beans
The next ‘main’ serving we shared 3 large plates; The pork belly- OMG amazing. Basically a Peruvian version of chicken and chips (so,so)  and steak- great, really tasty.

Panza con Saúco- Peter Hannan’s sugar-pit cured pork belly and rib, elderberry stock, pomegranate, spring onion, choclo corn cream

Pollo a la Brasa- corn-fed quarter rotisserie chicken, chips, hot amarillo chilli dip

Lomo Saltado – Flame-cooked beef fillet red onions, tomatoes, saltado sauce, proper chips
Sooooo full, but had to try a dessert- the waiter recommended the pumpkin donuts- amazing- crunchy and cinnamon’y.
Pumpkin doughnuts, chancaca honey, cinnamon ice cream
Great place to visit in a group, not cheap but great experience and exciting food. Worth a visit if you’re in the Old St area.

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