BBQ hype @ Reds Nottingham

Some serious drinking calls for some serious stomach lining. Reds in Notts, a newish BBQ smokehouse, was perfect to kick start Loz’s bday celebrations.

As usual with these places, walk ins only, we rocked up at 6.30, seated by 7, not bad for a bigger group.
Prosecco poured we drooled over the menu. Every kind of smoked meat you could want, so it would be rude to not sample it all! “I solemnly swear to eat all my meat.”
Our feast arrived unusually quickly, not complaining as we were ravenous. We went for the bbq feasting for 5 with a side of fries, slaw, cornbread, onion rings and Mac n cheese.
Keeping the theme of a run down junk yard, our dinner arrived in a giant metal dustbin lid!
We were worried there may not have been enough food- oh no what a joke. So much meat.
Ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and sausage. Pretty decent but all seemed to taste quite similar, think it’s more quantity than quality with this joint. Ribs were very well done and quite fatty, chicken was good, and pulled pork tasty. Let down on the sausage, about 3 pieces.
Onion rings were huge and crispy, rest of the sides were good. Far too many fries!
I’m not sure we’d go back, think the hype outweighs the food quality, but you def don’t leave hungry and atmosphere and service is great. Good value, feast inc 2 bottles & service £22 each
Loz got her badge and we were on our way to get the party started passing ppl queuing out the door- they’re doing something right.

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