Turkish Delights

Last night I ventured to zone 4 to meet my friend Rach for a catch up and some grub. She’s all grown up now shes bought a flat so we thought we’d check out her new locals. After a quick vino (£7.10 for two large glasses! #Notincentralanymore ) in the George, South Woodford, we went in search of some cheap but cheerful dinner.
We decided on the WoodOven BBQ just near the station. So much food! We started with a mixed mezze of dips, cheeses, potatoes, olives and a weird pink looking thing that actually tasted quite good. It came with pitta and we got a side of halloumi, all great and really filling for a starter.
It was bring your own booze, so the wine was flowing, which helped on the bill but not on our heads today! For mains, we shared a chicken shish and lamb shish both with rice and salad. Really good, great charcoal flavour and tons of meat. Didn’t feel too unhealthy which is always a bonus. Service was quick and friendly, with a certain waiter taking a shine to my friend ha!
Great night in the Woodoven and worth checking out if you’re in the area- good value too, especially for me as I got a late birthday treat- Rach picked up the bill, result!
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