Cheap Eats!

A few of my fave places that ive been recently in a short and sweet update!

1. Chicken shop

Don’t be put off by the name. It’s more than just your bog standard chicken. A slightly hidden underground place in Holborn, that serves amazing organic, free range spit roast chicken. Cheap, cheerful and so yummy. The three of us had a real feast with wine (in jugs!) for less than £20 each.

Some good sides, crinkle fries, homemade slaw and super hot sauce.

They even boxed up the leftovers for Mikes doggy bag! Walk-ins only so get your name on the list and pop next door to The Hoxton for a fancy pants cocktail, before slumin’ it in the basement.


Tried this place a week after it opened, very cool. Giant board of every kind of meat a BBQ joint should have. Ribs, wings, smoked linked sausage, pulled pork and beef brisket- it was a great night!

Mac n cheese was amaze too!

Drinks at lounge lover Shoreditch on this particular eve, loved the romantic feel 😉

3. LeCoq

Night out with the girls for a pre birthday dinner, recommended by Kiran. Wow what a place! Cute intimate restaurant in Highbury & Islington. Some lush Bellini tumblers to start…

We got a table of food to share;

Free range spit roast chicken, crispy roasties, greens, rocket salad, harrissa and gravy mmm mmmm

Topped off with a cute birthday dessert cocktail; lemon sorbet- mix in the alcohol with your own whisk! Lavley!

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