Steak @ Flat Iron Soho

A few Fridays ago we were in search of steak and found Flat Iron in the West End. What a great place, although they have got on the trendy London bandwagon of no booking- so we put our name down and headed into the Blind Pig for a drink.

Cocktails of course, at £10 a pop we only stayed for one, but they were pretty special, slap and pickle- and it had a pickle on the side :s weird but tasty!

Back at Flat Iron the only thing on the menu is steak- perfect as that’s all we wanted! W snacked on pops and guzzled red in the candlelight- lush!

Check out the cool novelty knife, great for Instagram, terrible for actually cutting food. Luckily they take that part away for you and pre-slice your meat.

The Steak was great, cooked perfectly medium and an absolute bargain at £10. Mike had a gorge creamy bearnaise sauce on the side, and we shared a buttery pot of creamed spinach and had a fries each.
Flat Iron is a super trendy place, perfect for a date night or small group. Food is great value and you’re just a hop skip and jump form Tott Crt Rd station.

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