Nice to Meat you Barbecoa!

For a special birthday treat, I got taken to Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa in St Paul’s last week. I had the best time, not only because we had thrown back 4 cocktails in Dirty Martini, but the food was pretty great too!


We rocked up at 9.30 and got an amazing table with a stunning view. We sipped on Melbec and snacked on those big green olives that taste so much better than sainos-  I was loving life!


Mike hardly ever wants a starter, boring! Surprisingly I do, and I may even give him a  little taste. I had crispy pigs cheek with a rather fancy side of mini vegetables, it was delicious, like a pulled pork fish-cake :p


For mains, i was told by Mike to order whatever i wanted (dangerous!) so naturally i went for a fillet, medium, Mike went for a sirloin- quantity over quality you would think but both were incredible.


We had triple cooked skin on chips, creamed spinach and bearnaise sauce.

For pud, we shared a peanut butter cheesecake which tasted even better than it sounds. Look at it, a work of art, in my mouth!


To top the evening off i got spoilt with gifts and even pushed the boat out with an Uber LUX home;)

Great birthday, good effort from the boyo xxx

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